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With an attendence of over 100,000 this year, IT WAS MADNESS IN SAN DIEGO. The cast of the upcoming feature film, Madness, including Kelly Stables, Trina McGee and Brad Graiff, were on hand at the 2005 San Diego ComicCon to meet the fans! "We had an amazing turnout," says director Brandon Kleyla, "the line was looping around our booth. The fans are so loyal! We had a great time." Giving away over 3500 posters and signing over 500, the response was better than we had hoped. "The thought of a film that's the combination of The Notebook and Psycho is very intriguing to everyone," says Kleyla. "The fans get very curious, as well they should."

Joining in the fun this past weekend was Kelly Stables, who just closed her deal for the film just days before attending the ComicCon. "I'm very excited to play the good girl this time," says Stables. "Brandon is this amazing mix of positive energy, ambition, and creativity. I think it will be awesome working with him. I think the fact that Brandon is an actor is one of the reasons I found the characters in the script so complete and interesting."

The San Diego ComicCon also provided the Madness Team a chance to reveal their latest bit of news. In charge of the films Special Effects Makeup is none other than Stan Winston Studio! "Going into the office for our first meeting was without a doubt the coolest moment of my life," said Kleyla. "The characters that line the walls of the conference room are the reason that we as filmmakers make movies. Sitting there with Edward Scissorhands, all of the Small Soldiers, the T-Rex and Raptors, the Terminator, it's just surreal! I can't even tell you how excited I am to have them on board" Of course everyone is asking what type of Makeup will be involved in the film to call upon someone like Stan Winston Studio. Sorry, we have to keep that a secret! Not only is that the only secret to come from ComicCon, but rumors have it that Brandon Kleyla spoke with two genre heavyweights about being involved with the film.
- Red Dot Film Studios

"Amir Leron's The Love Flower, starring Brad Graiff and Natalia Baron, has hints of a modern-day Cyrano de Bergerac... finely written and emotionally acted... winner of 3 "Audience Appreciation" awards throughout the year..."
 - LA Film School Quarterly

"Frickin' A - U.S. Indie Sensation . . . The video (remake), Jessie's Girl, which stars Rick Springfield, (Angela Dodson as "Jessie's Girl" and Brad Graiff as "Jessie") makes its pre-cable teaser debut at (MTV award-winning director Bill Fishman) and within one day, became # 1 most requested video, above J-Lo, Green Day and Destiny's Child."

"Intuition, starring Brad Graiff and Jason Burks, has a gritty indie feel that takes a look at the underbelly of drugs, corruption and friendships..."
- @KC Online-Art Feature



Brad GraiffGrowing up in a small, rural, mid-western town, in Litchfield, Illinois (only 7,200 people) definitely left an impression on Brad.  It helped to instill in him manners, respect, humbleness and the value of hard work.  Brad excelled in basketball and baseball from early on throughout high school, however was especially gifted at golf, where he competed on a state and national level.  President of the National Honor Society, member of the Student Council and even being voted "Best Looking" weren't enough to keep Brad from searching for bigger and better things, outside of his sometimes sheltered small town.

Brad GraiffAfter graduating from the University of Illinois, with honors and a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and degree equivalencies in Finance and Spanish, Brad headed north for the big city, Chicago.  This is where he began a career as an auditor (CPA) at Price Waterhouse, which after 2 years, led him to St. Louis, Missouri and then after another 2 years, to Phoenix, Arizona and then finally to Los Angeles, California.  It was a great learning experience, however after practically all of the joy of life was sucked out of him, he decided to throw all of his deeply rooted, responsible and conservative values out the window and discovered in Acting (and himself), something that he couldn't find anywhere else in his travels...TRUTH!!!

Brad GraiffIn just his first year of acting, Brad booked leads in over 20 independent films and quickly realized he had some type of talent, however wasn't naïve enough to think that there wasn't more for him to learn.  Therefore, he auditioned and was accepted into a 2 year intensive Meisner/Adler training studio at Joanne Baron/DW Brown Studio in Santa Monica, California.  Here Brad was able to refine and expand his acting skills in theatre, by studying some of the world's greatest playwrights, such as William Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams and Neil Simon, and his projects began to garner much more exposure and acclaim. After graduating from the studio, Brad has continued in the graduate program's intensive scene study and on-camera classes. Brad's commercial and modeling career has also steadily increased over the past few years and has given him many exposure opportunities, for his acting.

Brad GraiffA quote from Brad's bible, On The Road, by Jack Kerouac, sums up his attitude about life:

"...the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous roman candles exploding like spiders across the sky..."

Brad's small-town values and work ethic, coupled with his desire and drive for perfection in everything he does, is sure to guarantee continued success in Hollywood and beyond!